Retro Science brings together sounds from modern Synthwave and Science Fiction Cinema. Retro Science has cinematic sci-fi pads, synthwave inspired keys, arps and leads, analog and digital style basses and synths. Perfect for Synthwave, Cyberpunk and Cinematic productions.

Available to purchase from:

90 Spire presets

• 10 Atmospheres
• 8 Arps
• 12 Basses
• 5 Drums
• 10 FX

• 8 Keys
• 10 Leads
• 16 Pads
• 11 Synths

Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer Version 1.5.3 Or Higher.
* The video demo contains presets recorded directly from Spire. All sounds are from Retro Science and no other plugins have been used.

The presets in this sound bank were created by Howard Smith and are 100% royalty free.
Please check the License Agreement for further information.